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The Ebusco YTP-1, an Electric bus which has already proven itself on the Chinese market. Over
300 of these buses have already driven almost 31 million combined kilometres. The electric
motors of the new 12-metre-long bus, intended for transportation of up to 76 people and a
wheelchair passenger, are powered by battery packs of lithium iron phosphate (LFP). Ebusco
also supplies the equipment with which the batteries of the bus can be 100% reloaded within
2.5 hours. The battery packs are not only fast, but are also capable of quick energy delivery.
The latter is very important for acceleration, but also to slow down, where the energy is
regenerated and goes back to the batteries. In addition, these LFP batteries have a very long
service life (up to 3,000 times charge cycles is no problem). They perform well at low
temperatures, especially important because electric drive ability is often experienced as
problematic during winter months. Recent tests in Finland have proven that the YTP1 performs
extremely well in difficult and cold circumstances. The other great benefits are no emissions
(ZERO EMISSION) and virtually no noise, the latter is experienced as very comfortable for
passengers and driver.
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