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Luxgen7 SUV EV Electric Car.

LUXGEN EV+ and the global electric vehicle pioneer, AC Propulsion (ACP) jointly developed the core technology of electric vehicle and innovative power technology for providing high performance and long range. Take MPV for example, its 150kW motor can provide 201hp and 220N-m torque, exceeding the performance of comparable gasoline cars or other electric vehicles in the market.

Three models of LUXGEN EV+, LUXGEN7 MPV、LUXGEN7 SUV、 LUXGEN7 CEO are all surpass the certification and ARTC crash tests, and set the new milestone in electric vehicle development.

The Traction Induction Motor
Through the rotating magnetic field generation by the electric energy, the motor drives the vehicle, with an output power reaching as high as 150kW (201hp), offering an excellent performance and driving fun.

The Power Electronic Unit [PEU]
As a control of whole car’s electric power management and conversion, PEU integrates Traction Induction Motor’s recharger, and battery management system. It also has power regeneration system to convert brake energy into electricity and charge back to the battery.

The Lithium Ion Battery Pack
LUXGEN EV+ incorporates high performance lithium ion battery pack encased in a modulated structure to provide the power source for the entire car. It can also feed the stored energy back to the building, help balancing the peak and off-peak power resources, and further contribute to environmental conservancy.


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Luxgen7 SUV EV
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