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Arcimoto SRK Electric Car.


Maximizing the efficiency of the vehicle is what drives the project and is the core metric against which every design decision is judged. Arcimoto’s goal is to build the most efficient vehicle possible that still meets the needs of everyday driving. It’s the right tool for the job for the vast majority of driving tasks. Cars today are inefficient by design: the vehicles themselves are significantly over capacity for the typical driver’s needs, and they’re typically powered with a pollutive energy source that feeds a very inefficient combustion process. We no longer live in a world where oil is dirt cheap and the environmental consequences of just torching all that energy can be ignored. The Arcimoto SRK achieves ultra-efficiency through its pure electric drive, aerodynamic tandem seating, a lightweight footprint, and three wheels for reduced road drag while maintaining superior handling characteristics.

Pure Electric

The pure electric drive is simple, efficient, quiet, has instantly available torque, and can be powered by renewable sources of energy. On the order of 3 times the energy efficiency of an internal combustion engine and featuring zero tailpipe emissions, the electric drive is the mother of all transportation no-brainers. The Arcimoto drive train is battery agnostic, accommodating everything from yesterday’s lead-acid batteries to the advanced battery chemistries of tomorrow, and allows for a variety of range options depending on the battery pack purchased. The Arcimoto SRK will have multiple options for charging as well. Plug it into your 110-volt household outlet at home, or use a 220-volt appliance outlet or J1772 charging station outlet for faster charging.

Enclosed Frame

Race vehicle designers achieve safety and lightweighting goals by utilizing tube safety frames. Arcimoto's safety frame is engineered to protect occupants in a vehicle roll over and has crumple zones to provide added safety in the event of front and rear collisions. Racing seats and four-point harnesses are included for both passengers to further increase occupant safety. The enclosed frame base model can be augmented with clear polycarbonate panels to provide full protection from the elements yet preserve the unprecedented visibility the SRK affords to the driver. 
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