Audi - A1 E-tron (Concept Car)


Audi A1 E-tron (Concept Car) - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Car.

There’s a lot of traffic and the roads are busy every day. The Potsdamer Platz quarter is the starting point for the “Commuting and Charging in Berlin” showcase project, with 25 Audi A1 e-tron cars in action.

There and back
Travelling to work each day in a zero-emissions electric car. With the “Commuting and Charging in Berlin” showcase project, Audi is investigating how well this plan works in everyday life. The project started in mid-2013 and the test persons will drive to and from work in an Audi A1 e-tron for a period of approximately one year. The technical findings and insights into driving behaviour will play a part in further developing the next Audi e-tron vehicles and will help to improve their everyday usability.

Particularly interesting aspects are, for example, the effects of the different seasons and the use of the traffic light info online* system. This assistance system recommendsthe speed at which the driver can go through the traffic lights on green, without having to stop. If the recommended speed does not fall within sensible parameters, the driver is shown the time that the light will remain red. Some of the vehicles have already been equipped with the traffic light info online* system and it will gradually be fitted to all the other cars.

New structures
The issue of the charging infrastructure goes hand in hand with the subject of electric mobility. With the “Commuting and Charging in Berlin” showcase project, Audi is showing its commitment to expanding the private and partially public charging infrastructure. Wherever possible and if needed, Audi has set up charging stations at the homes and places of work of the test persons. 25 parking spaces in an underground car park in the Potsdamer Platz quarter have therefore been equipped with charging facilities especially for the showcase project, thus ensuring that the commuters are well supplied both at their start point and at their destination.

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