Peugeot - 3008 Hybrid4


Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 - Electric Hybrid Car.

YOU wonder why nobody else has tried this. Diesel engines tend to be economical. And so are hybrid cars.

The logic, you would think, would be for a manufacturer to build a hybrid car that uses a diesel engine in conjunction with an electric powertrain.

Toyota, the daddy of hybrid cars, and Honda which like the former was in at the beginning of this technology, both use petrol engines.

So far only Peugeot, which builds this 3008 Hybrid4 that we are testing this week, has used a diesel engine.

So without further messing, let’s have a go in the thing.

The Hybrid4 uses the same 2.0-litre HDI engine as several conventional 3008s but in this car it’s only available with a robotised manual gearbox.

Attached to the engine is a 8Kw electric motor that also acts as a generator to recharge the metal hydride battery pack that sits in the back of the car under the floor.

Next to the batteries in the back is a 36bhp Bosch electric motor that drives the rear wheels. It’s a bit complicated, this car, so please pay attention.

Inside the cabin, which is really rather pleasant, is a centre console on which is a very stubby little gear lever and a rotary knob on which is written Auto, ZEV, Sport and 4WD.

It’s fairly self explanatory: ZEV means electric-only motion which is quite relaxing while it lasts, which is not very long. Sport gives you, er, more sporty performance and 4WD does what it says on the knob and brings the rear electric motor into play.

Auto is what you select if you are interested in getting maximum economy from the car. More of which later.

Press the start button and the dash springs into life. On the left next to the speedometer is a dial that has on it a Charge sector in purple, another for ECO (in blue) and numbers from 30 to 90 indicating percentage power.


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