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The Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer World is getting more and more populair. All major Wheel Motor Manufacturer have all ready several EV-Wheel Motor models for EV's in their program.

New upcoming Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturers

Due increasing of the 'electric mobility' the're coming more and more new Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturers on the EV-Market.
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Voltys Motors - France

27 Avenue de l’Opéra, , , 75001

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Voltys Motors - EV-Wheel Motor. (MRE)Moteur Roue Electrique VOLTYS. Les Moteurs Roues Electriques asynchrone VOLTYS sont d’une conception révolutionnaire et technologique à courant continu. D’une fiabilité sans pareil et associé à un système de refroid ...

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies - Slovenia

Teslova 30, , , 1000

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Elaphe Propulsion Technologies - EV-Electro Motor. Elaphe is a leading developer and producer of in-wheel and direct drive electric motors and propulsion systems for ground, sea and flying vehicles.

PML Flightlink - USA

1700 Harmon Road Suite 3, , , 48326

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PML Flightlink - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. The PML eWheel range of permanent magnet wheel motors is designed to be rugged, flexible and adaptable to suit many applications. Based on 5 years of evolution, the eWheel offers exceptional efficiency, ...

Volvo Cars - Sweden

Karossvägen 2, , , 405 31

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Volvo Cars - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. The four electric motors are located in the wheels - one inside each wheel. While they have consequences in terms of unsprung weight (that add lots of weight to each wheel) which will affect ...

Mitsubishi Motors - Japan

Nr 33 Nr 8 Tokyo, Minato-ku,, , , 108-8410

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Mitsubishi Motors - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. Mitsubishi Motors has chosen to center its development of next-generation electric vehicle technology on in-wheel motors, which minimize drivetrain space requirements, and on lithium-ion batteries wi ...

Michelin - USA

Rue verte - Bat V24, , , 7 63118

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Michelin - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. Michelin’s Active Wheel technology has been around for the past couple of years but actual applications of the electronic powertrain and handling management system are still hard to come by .

Siemens - Germany

Wittelsbacherplatz 2, , , 80333

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Siemens - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. The eCorner concept replaces the conventional wheel suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers, mechanical steering, hydraulic brakes and internal combustion engines with integrated in-wheel systems. Siemens ...

Aisin Aw Co Ltd. - Japan

10, Takane, Fujii-cho, , , Aichi 444-1192

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Aisin Aw Co Ltd - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. Compact system constructed by placing planetary reduction gears around the inner periphery of a flat motor System with high installment flexibility is realized by eliminating the requirement of an e ...

Sim-Drive - Korea

KBIC 7-7 Shinkawasaki, , , 212-0032

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Sim-Drive - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. The name indicates electric car components designed using know-how provided by SIM-Drive Corporation.The car is comprised of a platform installed with a drive system consisting of an in-wheel motor, invert ...

Evans Electric - Australia

, , acn 125508016

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Evans Electric - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. Evans Electric is making final preparations to emerge from stealth mode with the launch of a high performance in-wheel motor powered electric vehicle. Evans Electric, based in Sydney close to the East ...

Protean Electric - USA

1700 Harmon Road, , , MI 48326

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Protean Electric - Electric Wheel Motor Manufacturer. Protean Electric is a leading clean technology company that designs, develops and manufactures Protean Drive™, the most advanced in-wheel electric drive system for hybrid and battery electric vehicl ...

e-Traction - Netherlands

Watermanstraat 40, , , 7324 AH

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e-Traction - Electric Vehicles Wheel Motor Manufacturer. 92% efficiency from battery to the road. TheWheel® Real innovation is only achieved when new paradigms are embraced. e-Traction® offers the traction system without compromises at a system effici ...
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