Apame - France

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Apame - Electric Airplane Manufacturer.

This single-seater ultralight motorglider is manufactured by the Ukrainian company Aerola and distributed in France by Randkar (Frossay – Loire Atlantique). The electrical motorization E-Motors is developed by Electravia, and is already implemented on the plane "Electra" and on the delta trikes "ElectroTrike". The motor delivers 26 hp and is powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery. Michel Sérane, Electravia's test pilot, has checked all flight configurations of the motorglider. Altitude gain is 2.100 m. Alatus flight endurance in calm weather is 1h07. This duration is the longest logged one on aircraft equipped with batteries at present. The Alatus-M offers advantages of different aircraft: comfort and performances of glider, compactness of hangglider and ease of use of an ultralight. Electrical motor is reliable, clean, silent, economic and easy to maintain. Alatus with electrical motor becomes a 100% ecological motorglider for nature lover and environment-friendly's pilots. Alatus-ME is also the cheapest motorglider on the market. It will be available end of spring, 2009, after complete validation of its test program.