Guangyuan Battery - China

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Guangyuan Battery - Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturer.

Guangyuan Battery is an innovator in providing superior quality batteries for automotive & motorcycle starting, boats, riding mower, and railway, power plant, computer, telecommunications, security systems, multimedia communications, and deep cycle applications including e-scooter or e-bike, solar and wind energy industries.

Guangyuan Battery has established 2 state-of-art manufacturing plant in Guangzhou of China for full line of products as well as expanding its R&D facilities in Korea . Furthermore, Guangyuan Battery intends to install its R&D operation in U.S.A. to meet the challenge of global market niches in the fast evolving technological infrastructures of the industries.

Guangyuan Battery, which is manufacturing lead acid battery from lead oxide and grid casting, is exporting the full range of lead acid batteries to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.

No. 138, Shiyu Road, Yuwotou, Nansha, 511475, China