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Green Shed Conversions - EV-Battery Dealer.

Steve Clunn has been building Electric Vehicles for more than 20 years. First as a hobby, and most recently, full time, in his new shop located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Steve first decided right after the Gulf War, not to be so dependent on Foreign Oil and set out to create his first EV. At that time there were very few parts and very little help. Steve's expectations for his first electric car was not high. 30 mph and a 10 mile range was all he was hoping for. But much to his surprise, his first EV worked out much better and he started using it to pull his lawn trailer and it became his all time EV work truck, which he drove 76 miles at the Sunday Challenge. For the next 5 years Steve showed his car off to many people and converted two other cars, one to replace his first work truck with a Ford Ranger body. Jon Hallquist agreed to drive Steve's 5th conversion. Jon was so excited about his EV, that he and Steve started the company to share their experiences and sell parts for other people to build their own EV's.
2718 Pineview Dr, Fort Pierce, 34981, USA