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Bocheng - Electric Truck Manufacturer.

Qingzhou Bocheng
Machinery Co.,Ltd., located in Weifang City, Shandong Province,P.R
China, specialized in technical designing,manufacturing and sales of
electric truck, Trash collecting truck and Food truck.

We have more than 10 years experience in  EV fields.
1. Electric  Pick-up: 4.0 KW, 5.0 Kw , 7.5Kw and 11Kw
2. Electric  Cargo Van: 4.0 Kw, 5.0 Kw and 7.5Kw
3. Electric Food Truck: 4.0 Kw, 5.0 Kw and 7.5Kw

The features:
1. Low consumption: 150km only need 1USD power
2. Travel Speed: 40~60km/h; Travel Distance: 150~180km
3. Color, batteries, and size can be customized
4. Rated Load: 800~3000kg
360 Dongfeng Street, Weifang, 261400, China
86 15753658670
0536 8256050