T.REX Motor - Italy

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T.REX Motor - Electric Scooter Manufacturer.

T.REX was created with the intent to break the current patterns that normally we refer to when we talk about personal mobility. An unconventional means, electrical, associated with a modern and attractive design, it guarantees a new style in our daily activities.

Explore the dissatisfied needs of the personal transport has been the "leitmotiv" that the Team of our Engineers has conducted to plan something simple but brilliant at the same time , with sustainable costs of production and guarantee of maintenances in the time practically non-existent.

A challenge that was played with high-class actors on the landscape of global mobility, that spaces today from the numerous traditional means to 2 wheels, bicycles and electric scooters, to reach auto-balancing means as the unities Segway.

To the light of the facts, we are certain to have picked up the essence of each of the best present technologies on the market today, that analysed and reshaped by our team, have allowed the creation of T.REX, opening so a new era in the civil and professional mobility.

Via Braccesca 80, Ravenna, 48124, Italy
+39 0544 270 335