Zapworld - USA

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Zapworld - Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer.

ZAP's Strategy is to serve the growing and underrepresented consumer that seeks fuel efficient vehicles. With the recent increases in the cost of oil and increasing concern about the environment and the effects of global warming, we believe there is a large and untapped demand in the areas of transportation and consumer products. ZAP believes a similar opportunity is present today, enhanced by heightened environmental awareness, climate changes and economic pressures. ZAP has assembled a complete line of products to meet the growing demands of the environmentally conscious consumer focused on two primary businesses: ZAP Electric Vehicles and ZAP Recharge-It-All. We also conduct certain portions of our business through the following wholly-owned subsidiaries: Voltage Vehicles, ZAPWorld Stores, Inc., ZAP Manufacturing, Inc. and ZAP Rental Outlet.
501 Fourth Street,, , CA 95401, USA