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Etox - Turkey


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Etox - Electric car Manufacturer. Turkish Car manufacturer who will start produce an electric Zafar with a range of 155 miles. WITH 23 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN AUTO SECTOR IN TURKEY DECORATION ERTEX AS THE DONEY KNOWN, THE UNDERSTANDING OF NEW DESIGN NO ...

Fayoto - Turkey

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Fayoto - Electric Car Manufacturer. The electrical systems of the past with nostalgia as the means to equip tomorrow's technology in the field of phaetons the first and only application that launches electric brougham. Accordance with the requirement ...

Toruk Cars - Turkey

Kuleli Sok 21/12, , , 06700

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Toruk Cars - Electric Car Manufacturer. Toruk Group is an alliance of engineers and designers collaborating to bring you the future generation of electric cars. Electric cars from Toruk Group are engineered with an emphasis on performance and efficiency ...
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