Estrima Srl - Italy

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Estrima Srl - Electric Car Manufacturer.

Behind the power of Birò there is the power of an idea. New, dynamic and unconventional.
It is the vision of Matteo Maestri, the young founder of Estrima who had a moment of inspiration, and is now turning that inspiration into an innovative reality.
His vision is to improve the quality of mobility in our cities: that everyday experience of finding it difficult to travel about freely,
find parking spaces, organise our everyday lives.
This is how Estrima was born, as the first company to put on the market the smallest electric, 4-wheeled vehicle. And this is how Birò was born:
the personal commuter that could revolutionise urban mobility. By believing in the strength of his own idea. With Birò, Estrima wants to give
the city back to its people, making their everyday journeys easier. This is a true revolution in urban mobility, where functionality becomes style.
An unconventional and innovative style.

Via Roveredo 20/b, Portogruaro, 33170, Italy
+39 0421 760365