Grove Boats - Switzerland

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Grove - Electric Boat Manufacturer.

Grove Boats designs innovative solar powered and hybrid boats for passengers transportation. Electric boats - Our solar electric boats are intended for passenger transportation, for professionals who care about the environment and their image. We make it possible for tourist operators and public transport companies to offer their customers a clean and quiet navigation, free from CO2 emissions, noise and vibrations. Our Aquabus units are fitted with batteries that have an autonomy of about 8 hours at cruising speed; this autonomy can be extended through options like new generation batteries (Lithium) or even an hybrid kit. The latest arrival in our line of products, the "Solar SeaCleaner", is a natural evolution of our strong know-how in clean navigation: an electric boat powered by solar energy to remove floating garbage in port and bathing areas.
ch. des Cerisiers 27 Case postale 68, Yvonand, 1462, Switzerland
+41 (0)24 430 30 10